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Enough Is Enough! - Cherie DeVille & Haley Reed

A young woman, Haley Reed, is in her room pleasuring herself. Her step-mom, Cherie DeVille, walks in without knocking. They are shocked and both scream.Cherie apologizes for not knocking, telling Haley that since she's only been a step-mom for a few weeks, she's still getting used to it. Haley admits that she's not mad at her, just super embarrassed! Cherie is embarrassed, too, but tells Haley that she doesn't need to be embarrassed. It's Haley's house, too! Masturbating is a completely natural thing, after all, so... 'You do what you gotta do... You're 18 now, and even though I'm your step-mom, I can't really say anything...'Cherie is still embarrassed as she hurriedly leaves. Haley is surprised not to be punished and suddenly looks inspired as she slowly grins.Over the next few days, much to Cherie's increasing embarrassment and annoyance, she finds Haley masturbating all over the house.When Cherie goes to Haley's bedroom and finds Haley on the bed playing with herself again, this is the last straw. 'Enough is enough!' She tells her daughter that there have to be some boundaries! Haley says she'd stop on one condition - if Cherie joins her for a session. The step-mom is shocked. 'I'm your MOM!' 'Not my REAL mom!' Haley tries to convince her, saying that Cherie wouldn't have to feel like Haley is invading her boundaries if she was willing to expand her boundaries a bit to fit them both. Cherie is reluctant but tempted by her hot step-daughter and agrees that she'll do it IF Haley stops masturbating all around the house.Cherie's had enough of Haley masturbating everywhere, but can this mother and daughter ever get enough of EACH OTHER?

18 Jan 2020 | 12:00 am EST

Report Card Deal - Marie McCray & Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde is a teenage girl who dreams of having her own freedom -- and her own car!Jane butters up her step-mom, Marie McCray, to try and get the car but Marie proposes a deal instead. Marie insists that if Jane gets all A's and B's on her next report card, then she can get a car. However, if there are any D's and F's, Jane will have to give Marie whatever she wants...Confident that she's going to be at the top of her game this semester, Jane agrees without hesitation. But when Jane gets her next report card, all her hopes and dreams are dashed. Despite trying her best, she does terrible in Science and Math. Unfortunately, the bad grades mean that Jane won't get the car... And Marie also reminds her that she has HER end of the deal to keep up!Jane is confused when Marie starts eyeing her like a piece of meat. When Jane questions what Marie wants, Marie is quick to say that she wants Jane! Although Jane is stunned, she doesn't resist when her step-mom plants a kiss on her lips. Marie admits to having wanted Jane awhile now, and when Marie quickly moves onto playing with Jane's breasts, Jane gives in.Marie soon gets to taste Jane's pussy, relishing making Jane squirm. When she gets Jane to go down on her in return, Jane goes to town. She admires Jane's enthusiasm -- if only Jane could be that enthusiastic about her grades!Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, user_23196293!

11 Jan 2020 | 12:00 am EST

Lesbian Reconditioning Camp - Brandi Love & Alexis Fawx & Athena Faris

Alexis Fawx and Brandi Love, two mature women who are also wives, are having a quiet conversation amongst themselves. '...She's just going to get herself hurt dating all these skeezy boys with only one thing on their mind! We have to do SOMETHING!' Alexis insists, looking worried. Brandi tries to comfort her while also saying, 'I know, honey, but we can't MAKE our step-daughter do anything, she's that age now past 18 where if she wants to do something, she's going to do it! Don't you remember how you were when YOU were her age?'At that moment, Alexis' step-daughter Athena Faris steps into the room, interrupting the conversation. Alexis and Brandi express their concern about her dating habits, which is a conversation that has come up before. Athena is upset by the conversation.Alexis and Brandi admit that they met and fell in love through a lesbian reconditioning camp, where girls are sent to be turned into lesbians. They suggest that the camp would be great for Athena, but she isn't having it. So Brandi sweetens the deal and offers to buy Athena a car if she completes camp. Athena agrees, confident the camp won't work on her.Two months later, Alexis and Brandi anxiously await for Athena to return home, hoping the experiment worked. However, when Athena arrives and claims the keys to her new car, she insists the program doesn't work and that she's still not a lesbian.Later, Alexis and Brandi are in their bedroom resting when Brandi hears a strange sound. When she gets up to investigate, she finds Athena in the bathroom. She has gotten hold of their dirty underwear and is masturbating, getting caught in the process. She admits she thinks about girls now.Alexis and Brandi are excited about Athena's newfound lust for girls, insisting that Athena show them all the sexy things she learned in camp. Even though Athena is hesitant, she can't resist the temptation of getting down and dirty with her hot moms.Looks like lesbian reconditioning camp was a success!Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Lickherholic!

4 Jan 2020 | 12:00 am EST

Jealous Mother - Kayla Paige & Kate Kennedy

Kayla Paige is surprised and concerned one day when her step-daughter, Kate Kennedy, asks to have a chat with her. Although there are a few tense moments, it doesn't take too long for Kate to come out and say that she's gay. In fact, she's been crushing pretty hard on a girl named Noemie at school!Kayla is supportive of the news, happy that Kate trusts her enough to come to her with such a private thing. She listens as Kate gushes about her crush, adoring how excited Kate is. Yet, as they share a hug at the end of the conversation, Kayla can't help but feel a pang of jealousy...Over the next few days, Kayla's jealousy grows as Kate spends more and more time with the new girl. She tries her best to remain supportive but she can't help what she feels deep down inside. Eventually, after catching the two girls making out for the millionth time, Kayla insists that she needs to talk to Kate alone.At first, Kate is confused, hoping that they didn't offend Kayla. Kayla assures her that they didn't but that... well, she's a little jealous. After seeing Kate and Noemie become so close, Kayla just wishes that SHE was the one able to hold and kiss Kate like that! Although Kate's surprised at first, she quickly admits that she's always had feelings for Kayla but was afraid to act on it, too. Now that everything's out in the open, though, here's their chance to explore!They start with an explorative kiss, although it's not long before Kayla's mouth eagerly kisses along Kate's body. She teases Kate's perky breasts before finally getting a taste of her sweet pussy. It's everything Kayla dreamed of and more!Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, lesbihonest!

28 Dec 2019 | 12:00 am EST

Hide And Sex - Mona Wales & Chloe Temple

Mona Wales and her step-daughter, Chloe Temple, are bored out of their minds one lazy afternoon. They flop onto the couch and try to agree on something to do to pass the time but can't decide. They don't want to visit family and they already got their nails done... and even if they WANTED to leave the house, it's raining!Finally, feeling mischievous, Mona tells Chloe to cover her eyes and count to 30. Mona's going to hide somewhere and if Chloe finds her, she'll get a surprise! Although Chloe's embarrassed that her mom wants to play hide and seek, she's willing to entertain the idea -- what else are they going to do??When Chloe's done counting, she opens her eyes and starts the search. She's confused when she starts to find articles of clothing left in a trail for her to follow. Although it starts off innocently with a shoe on the floor, it ends with finding Mona's bra hung on the bedroom door and her panties on the floor!Chloe spots a lump under the blankets on the bed and checks it out, finding Mona naked. Chloe is unfazed as she playfully scolds Mona, who obviously doesn't have a care in the world. In fact, both of them are looking pretty frisky as Mona begins pawing at Chloe's shorts. Now that Chloe's found her, she's going to get the surprise as promised!After stripping Chloe down to match, Mona eagerly eats out Chloe's pussy. As much as Chloe loves the surprise she's earned, she's not about to let Mona have ALL the fun! As they take turns bringing each other to the brink, it looks like they'll never be bored again!Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, user_23196293!

21 Dec 2019 | 12:00 am EST


Candid Dreams: A beautiful name that evokes a sense of art, joy, and hope.

candid, dreams, kids, charity, online, business, services, nonprofit, photography, wedding, couple

15 Dec 2019 | 3:36 pm EST


Gain Latitude: Find new depths and horizons with this expansive name.

gains, obtain, acquire, surges, strides, latitude, scope, extent, range, breadth, width, reach

15 Dec 2019 | 3:24 pm EST


Lesson Crunch: A name that suggests learning, support and convenience.

lesson, crunch, services, education, electronic, learning, tutorials, online, website

15 Dec 2019 | 3:11 pm EST


Quantum Angle: A name that suggests scientific discovery and measurements.

quantum, angle, gaming, studio, science, discovery, exploration, innovation, measurement, technology, biotech

15 Dec 2019 | 2:58 pm EST


Mining Tiger: A promising name that suggests data, finance, and elements.

tigers, fierce, stripes, mines, mining, miners, mined, pits, excavation, excavate, quarry, quarries

15 Dec 2019 | 2:45 pm EST


Journey Lens: An adventurous name that suggests travel and exploration.

journey, lens, adventure, explore, lifestyle, travel, new, places, online, app, software, agency

15 Dec 2019 | 2:33 pm EST


Logic Plane: A high flying name with a straightforward trajectory.

viable, valid, sound, reasonable, rational, logical, smart, clever, intelligent, airplanes, flights, pilots

15 Dec 2019 | 2:20 pm EST


Outdoor Bloom: A name that suggests growth, freshness, and freedom.

outdoor, bloom, cannabis, fertilizer, medicinal, natural, organic, landscaping, green

15 Dec 2019 | 2:07 pm EST


A formidable name that relates to 'token' and has a hint of 'pioneer' as well.

tickets, ballots, coins, tokens, coupons, vouchers, cryptocurrency, symbols, signs, badges, emblems

15 Dec 2019 | 1:54 pm EST


Hobby Vine: A natural name to help your hobbies and interests flourish.

vines, sprouts, seeds, plants, growth, green, earthy, hobbies, habits, rituals, hobby, behaviors

15 Dec 2019 | 1:28 pm EST


Mystery Ninja: A stealth, under the radar name with an enigmatic presence.

enigmatic, mystery, puzzle, riddle, conundrum, paradox, secretive, confidential, stealth, private, privacy, ninja

15 Dec 2019 | 1:15 pm EST


Ultra Grub: A name that suggests delicious food, convenience, and flavor.

grub, ultra, fast, food, convenience, foodtruck, restaurant, yum, snacks, lots, hungry, cooking

15 Dec 2019 | 1:02 pm EST


Cricket Credit: A unique and lighthearted approach to financial advice and business services.

cricket, credit, finance, internet, investment, accounting, lending, consulting, services, business, online, app

15 Dec 2019 | 12:49 pm EST


Wonder Signal: A sensational name to always keep you informed and in check.

terrific, wonderful, excellent, fantastic, amazing, cues, hints, signals, signs, alerts, gestures

15 Dec 2019 | 12:36 pm EST


Ever Croft: A graceful name that suggests farming, growth, and organic products.

ever, croft, farm, organic, online, farming, growth, website, retail, grocer, green

15 Dec 2019 | 12:23 pm EST


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